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They kinda looked like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. According to friends who accompanied the Gates to the theater, but chose not to spend the night, they had never done such a risky thing before.

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But they insisted they knew what they were doing. Igo found sad and ironic. According to authorities, they are stepping up patrols around area theaters to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. You have to go to Reno to see it. Construction workers were terrified to find a monstrous Sarlacc during their repairs of the giant sinkhole in Grass Valley. While shoring up and placing supports at the foot of the sinkhole, a Sarlacc suddenly appeared from below devouring three workers and two earthmovers in a matter of seconds.

My equipment fell in and got munched by the thing. Both the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security were notified to and are in route to the site. In the meantime, university researchers from UC Berkeley and Stanford rushed to the site. The taxonomy of the creature might lead one to think that the creature originated on Tatooine, but its phylogeny clearly points to a Dune origin. San Francisco, CA — Authorities speaking for the space research and exploration organization Starfleet have confirmed a long-rumored decision to postpone construction of the San Francisco-based Starfleet Academy, as well as the groundbreaking of a more permanent Starfleet Headquarters in the same vicinity, citing systemic violence as the cause.

Also in question is the launch site of the revolutionary test rocket, The Enterprise AA Maybe make it illegal to name them after your ex-girlfriend and take them out to dinner.

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Starfleet is reportedly considering The Netherlands, England, or, according to sources close to Starfleet Command, really anywhere in the post-industrialized world but America. Syrian refugee Jamil Behaudeen is a big Led Zeppelin fan. Grass Valley, CA — With his wide-brimmed hat, Wrangler jeans and ornate belt buckle, Jamil Behaudeen, 33, is one of thousands of Syrian refugees adjusting to a new life in the United States. After an Assad regime mortar assault leveled their neighborhood in Homs in early , Jamir and his young bride fled with their two small children to a safer part of town. Then, as the city in western Syria further dissolved into chaos in , the family escaped to Jordan in the back of a stolen Toyota pickup truck.

After almost six more weeks of seemingly endless background checks and iris scans, they were finally cleared by U. Leaving their homeland was tough, but the Behaudeen family is determined to make the most of what America has to offer. After the NGE, anyone could become a Jedi by selecting the "profession" when creating their character. Arguments came up proposing that Jedi, once the NGE was released, would still be unbalanced, only this time with the odds against them. Many Jedi came into the NGE and saw that their former power was dramatically reduced. At one point, the village of Aurilia the in-game location that served as a hub for pre-NGE Force-sensitive questing became inactive.

Players that were still inside when this happened found only a few NPCs left. Some players still wished to see the village reopened as a sort of training center for the Jedi made to ensure the old prizes don't disappear from the game. But it was later announced that Aurilia would never be returned to its former state, and was re-opened in a different form; in Chapter 7, it became the location where a player could receive quests, which, upon completion, will allow the player to access the "heroic instances," which were battles against multiple "bosses," with puzzle and strategy elements mixed in.

These heroics were designed to be completed with a group of players, usually eight. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Perhaps the archives are incomplete. This article has an excess of redlinks in it. Contents [ show ]. We firmly believe that consistent and open communication with fans will be one of the keys to the success of the Star Wars Galaxies experience.

Although the Rebel Alliance has destroyed the dreaded Death Star, the Emperor still holds thousands of systems in his grip. Throughout the galaxy, brave adventurers struggle to restore peace, while smugglers, bounty hunters and crime lords prosper amid the chaos. Meanwhile, in the Outer Rim of the galaxy, one of Darth Vader's Imperial-class Star Destroyers has captured a passenger freighter on suspicion of harboring criminals Throughout the galaxy, civil war rages.

Innocents and heroes alike are swept into the conflict. The fate of millions shifts with every battle. On a distant Imperial Space Station, a smaller battle erupts over the fate of a single being's destiny Basic professions : With the exception of Politician, these professions were selectable during the character creation phase of the game.

Once you selected your character's profession, race, gender, and appearance, a brief tutorial followed that showed the basic mechanics of the game. Progress through the profession was in the form of skill trees.

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Once a required amount of experience points had been attained, a player could train their character in a particular skill box on the tree. Each skill tree had four "branches" of skills, usually representing different types of skills for that profession. Once all four branches of the tree were completed, a character could then train in the mastery of that profession.

Elite combat professions generally required the mastering of a particular style of combat, or with certain types of weaponry. Hybrid professions required that a player complete specific branches of two different profession trees before they could further specialize in the area they were most interested in.

Kettemoor removed [27] Lowca removed [27] Naritus removed [27] Radiant Scylla removed [27] Shadowfire Starsider Sunrunner Tarquinas removed [27] Tempest removed [27] Valcyn removed [27] Wanderhome removed [27]. Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed. Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees. Publish 28 : Reinstallment of the "Player Bounty" system with changes as well as changes in the PvP community. Publish 29 : New Targeting system, groundwork laid for the "expertise system," promising future character customization comparable to the talent system in World of Warcraft.

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Chapter 1: Battle of Restuss : This was the first time they used "Chapter" instead of a Publish number and included the beginning of a large-scale PvP war over the city Restuss, on Rori, moon of Naboo. Players fought each other and did missions to collect Restuss Commendation badges, which could be exchanged later for their faction's specialized armor and weapons. It also expanded the legacy quest series, a quest involving slaves on Corellia. It introduced three new badges.

Chapter 2: The Talus Incident : This chapter further moved the Battle of Restuss, turning the City of Restuss into a full-fledged war zone, where Rebels and Imperials were set to Special Forces upon nearing the grounds, and civilians were barred from approaching. New missions were introduced for both sides, and awarded more medals for each completion.

It also brought forth another addition to the legacy quest, which involved helping a CorSec agent decide which side to take in the Galactic Civil War. With this chapter also came the Expertise Tree.

Though there were no new additions to the Legacy Quest added during this update, a long-awaited Smuggling system was introduced to the game that functions along with the Smuggler expertise tree to give the character additional benefits. In addition to this new smuggling system, a revamp to the Galactic Civil War ranking system was implemented. Chapter gifts included a random holo pet. Chapter 5: An Entertaining Enterprise : This chapter saw the completion of implementing expertise by introducing expertise trees to the Trader and Entertainer Professions.

Traders were given a Reverse Engineering system allowing them to upgrade crafted weapons, clothing and armor using Skill Enhancement Attachments gathered by "reverse engineering" items that currently held stat modifications. Player-made camps also returned in this chapter. The Build-A-Buff system was introduced to entertainers, allowing them to add or remove various modifications to inspiration buffs, allowing them to perform custom inspirations based on the wants and needs of their clients. Combat levels were also granted to Trader and Entertainer professions.

Chapter gifts were a custom, one-use camp site, and a painting entitled Around the Campfire. Players could design, grow and raise pets to assist them in the game. Also included in this chapter were enhanced storytelling. The Storyteller Event System unified the features previously included in player event perks, as well as adding new features for role-playing. Chapter 7: A Collection of Heroes : This chapter introduced the collection system and heroic encounters. Aurilia was also reintroduced to the game, as a township.