Minnesota statute criminal damage to property

Intentional property damage to private or public property vandalism can be a felony or misdeameanor level offense. The crime is divided into 3 classifications based on severity. This offense applies to utilities and public service facilities that provide large scale service to the public. If you cause damage to the property of one of these bodies with the intent to significantly disrupt the operation of services without authority or consent you could be charged with this felony. Get a free consultation from a local criminal defense lawyer on any charge you are facing.

I had two misdemeanor charges and she got one of them dropped and the other charge got changed to a petty misdemeanor.

Criminal Damage To Property

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Minneapolis Criminal Damage Attorney | Property Damage

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Minnesota Arson Crimes Information Center

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What are Minnesota’s Parental Responsibility Laws?

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You can trust I hired Ms. The lesser degrees of arson include:. Apple Valley Fire Department th St. Apple Valley, MN On this website, you can submit tips to the arson hotline and find links to many other associations and organizations. Were you arrested or do you think that you might be under investigation for alleged arson anywhere in the Twin Cities? Do not make any kind of statement to investigators or authorities until you have contacted James Blumberg Law.

Criminal Damage to Property