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Kevin Paulino, 24, gunshot wound. Korey Deonte James, 21, found unresponsive. Wanya Bruns, 20, gunshot wound. Paige Elizabeth Briles, 21, found unresponsive. Randal Kenneth Anderson, 22, gunshot wound. Barron Von Reichelt, 24, automobile accident. Alex Mathew Dean Taylor, 23, found unresponsive. Zackary Phillip Partin, 24, found unresponsive. Michael Luis Garcia, 29, training accident.

Army Warrant Officer History - Part IV ( )

CW2 Andre Nance. Multiple officers fired at Lewis, including Officer Daniel Carlson who fatally wounded him. Officer Gary Schnorenberg arrived. He confronted Tuseth in the hallway. Tuseth assumed a fighting stance, and Schnorenberg fired his Taser twice, according to Stearns County Attorney's report. The first time one of the probes missed. The second time the Taser worked, and Tuseth fell to the ground.

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Tuseth got up while officer was handcuffing him and began to fight him. Somehow—the investigation did not determine and Schnorenberg did not recall—Tuseth and he ended up by the entrance to the hotel pool. The officer said he was on the ground, and Tuseth was winding up to kick him. Then he heard gunshots his own. He didn't remember pulling his gun. Officers responded and found Selby a few blocks away, holding a knife, according to the news website Azcentral.

He refused to follow commands and wrapped himself in a blanket.

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Officers saw he had a second knife. He walked toward the officers, and one of them fired a Taser at him. Officers Scott Schaier and Mark Tisher approached the vehicle and found Jacques glassy-eyed and incoherent. Jacques took his hands off the wheel, and Officer Schaier grabbed his arm. Jacques pulled the officer into the van. They struggled. Schaier broke away and fired his Taser. Jacques wasn't incapacitated, and began to pull at the wires, according to a report from the Oregon Department of Justice. Schaier drove the Taser into Jacques' shoulder and pulled the trigger again "without any effect.

None of the less lethal weapons had any effect. Jacques tried to drive away. Officer Schaier shot and killed him. Police initially responded but lost Hess in a high-speed pursuit. Hess ignored Garcia's commands to get on the ground. More officers arrived as back up, and they all negotiated with Hess for 30 minutes to get on the ground.

I'll shoot you," Hess told Edwards. Hess reached in to his jacket pocket and pointed an object at the officers.

Warrant Officers - When, How, And Why Switch??

Officers fired stun bag guns, but they had no effect. Hess then pulled his gun out and threatened to shoot the officers. Six officers fired their guns at Hess. Officers Roger Wolfe, Jr. One taser dart hit Case in the pant leg. The other barb didn't attach, the newspaper reported.

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Officers also used pepper spray unsuccessfully. Wolfe and Jepsen shot and killed Case. Hicks called , as did Williams' son. Officer Waller attempted to stun Hicks with a Taser, but it was not effective. The officers tried to handcuff Hicks, and then three gunshots are heard on the recording.

Officers chased him and he jumped into a canal. Dorsey went under water. Officers rescued him, and pulled him into a passing boat. When he came to, Dorsey picked up an oar, and started waving it around, threatening to hit the officers and the boat's owner. Deputy Amanda Galbreath fired her Taser once and Sgt.

Henry Raines fired his once. Dorsey was struck by the Taser fired by Deputy Galbreath," according to a report from the State Attorney's Office, but it "had minimal impact.

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Deputy Richard Sylvester, standing in the water, shot and killed Dorsey. Walter R. Officers tried to disarm him with a Taser, but it was unsuccessful. They shot and killed Elchols. Officer Christopher Toth pepper sprayed him and Valencia threw the fire extinguisher at Toth. Valencia ran away, and officers gave chase. The probes lodged in the back of Valencia's thick jacket and had no effect. Valencia then attacked Nunez and charged Toth throwing him to the ground. He started walking away, then attacked the officers again, and Officer Toth shot and killed him.

Officers and sheriff's deputies found him and tried to negotiate with him, according to body camera footage.

They shot three rubber bullets, but they did not affect him. Smith ran towards a house, and a Taser is discharged a while later. Police released a canine and another non lethal round is fired. Another Taser and nonlethal rounds are fired, and Smith is declared dead at the scene. They tried to reason with him. He eventurally came out of the apartment with a two-foot-long machete and charged at the officers, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety's report.

They hit him with bean bag rounds, but that didn't stop him. Corporal Francisco Lujan fired his Taser, but the darts missed.

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  7. Parker continued to advance and Officer Efren Lujan, no relation, shot and killed him. They found him hiding in a closet, lying on the floor. The deputies tried to drag him out, and he struggled with them. Deputy Aaron Pitman fired his Taser twice to no effect. Grady Carpenter shot and killed him. Samson Fleurant November 18, Port St. Officers arrived, broke down the door to Fleurant's room and found him with a machete.


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    He waved it in the air and walked toward the officers. Officer Kenneth Frid fired his Taser. Fleurant stiffened, but didn't fall down, according to an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Fleurant raised the machete and moved toward the officers again. Officer Colin Duncombe shot and killed him. The vehicle made an illegal lane change, and Johnson pulled the driver over.

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    Singletary gave a false name to the trooper, who then called for a drug sniffing dog to aid in further investigation. In the meantime, he tried to place Singletary in handcuffs. Singletary broke free and ran back to his vehicle. Johnson chased after him and fired his Taser X26P. It was ineffective, according to a memo from the York County District Attorney.

    An autopsy showed two Taser dart wounds in the torso.