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They need to check it and make sure. Thanks for the sordid tale. I actually did this job, and it was indeed pretty awful. This blog will tell you all the tips you need to know if you are thinking about taking a job delivering phone books.

You people dont seem to understand anything except your own pitiful little lives. Why are you so obsessed with phone books?

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If you dont want it then recycle it. How hard is that. Would like to know when distribution of the Verizon phone book is scheduled for the Harrisburg,PA area?

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Did last year and would like to do again Thanks. They are the sole delivery company in New England for Verizon. And Verizon has to take some responsibility here too as they let DDA run an anemic operation which in its strive to get the business from Verizon bids extremely low. I am an insider and can tell you DDA is a terrible company. They pay at the top and trickle down money to the carriers. They load up the delivery with all kinds of useless staff and pay high salaries to the managers.

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They then pay peanuts to the deliver people carriers. DDA continues to allow inner office politics and favoritism which leads to a weird and stressful atmosphere. Their tactics are so restrictive carriers in some cases have no choice but to do weird things such as throw away books and dump large quantities on the poor businesses. One such fellow filled up his apartment with books left over from jobs because he was scared to bring back extra books.

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He was fired and the incident swept under. This can be a decent form of extra income or in some cases a full income but DDA has turned it into a string along type of operation which preys on people who need money today. And you managers know what I am talking about Mary, David deceased and Judy. You have been pulling this crap for decades. Does anyone know when they will be in michigan and where they will be? Last year I did the flint area and want to do it again. Thank you. Their whole operation is built around their appearance to the big phone companies. Everything is based on paper work and their phone book route structure.

This looks very nice to the big corporate phone companies. DDA bids very low and harbors a beautiful paper stream of BS marks and comments.

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They basically cut distributor pay which is how they underbid every other carrier and then hired cheap inside help to make sure all the routes are marked very neatly. A person is inclined to do better when they first start a job. AS they continue, they realize the excessive requirements that DDA imposes and start to take some shortcuts.

DDA uses this to get rid of them so they can hire new recruits.

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That way they can get the paperwork the way they want it. They also lose people because there isnt any money to be made. As a result, a larger variety of people would have the opportunity to deliver the books, such as those people with cars instead of cargo vans, etc.!!! A lot of people are still unemployed. Regarding one comment about getting a signature for each book, I have never had to sign for a phone book and do not feel that signature should be required.

For residents, just stick them in the mailbox, throw them in the driveway, or leave at the door. C putting them in the mailbox would be illegal. People seem to be smartening-up. They were paying 10 cents per book in Providence this year which is half the going rate.

They have been there for months without finishing the job. And the next two days had way too many Businesses on the routes…. The ladies in the office said we THROW the books out our van wondow when actually we set them next to the mailboxes on rural deliveries!! Wanta Talk call me unless you are Clyde Clayton or John and Angela or anyone I will hang up on and you know who you are!

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They are currently violating their own Delivery agreement and very possibly federal IRS regulations regarding Independent Contractor status of their delivery people. If the work is not completed to the reasonable satisfaction of DDA, payment will be withheld. DDA will not exercise control over the method or details of performance, and will look to results only. If one does not comply, they do not get any work and if the device fails or is not clicked correctly, further work is not allowed out the door with that carrier.

They are clearly riding both sides of the fence here. However, whether these people are independent contractors or employees depends on the facts in each case.

The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done. We can then verify delivery through our dedicated call centre as well as get the distribution independently verified. We have a data base of approximately 50, verified distributors across the UK that we can use to implement the distribution of your products.

If you would like to join our team please contact www. Within the group we also have the capability to print your products at Einsa Print, a modern state of art facility in North West Spain, which currently produces products for BT, Screw Fix Direct as well as Major Supermarkets throughout Europe. We have the capability to plan the production and marketing of your printed products from Prepress, Paper Purchase, Printing, Finishing to the Final Delivery.

We also have a number of dedicated partners that would allow us to print your products closer to the point of delivery if this is a better fit for needs.