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The majority have thick, stubby roof pillars and windshield posts, while others have much lighter and more graceful ones. With the rear quarters folded back, these "landau" or "landaulet" styles look very different from the basic body configuration although in effect the interior layout and closed appearance are very much the same 1.

The basic body styles mentioned above could be ordered indifferently on the La Salle chassis or on the Cadillac V8, V12 or V16 chassis. In this respect, where no description of a particular body style could be found in factory literature on the "Sixteens", I copied the descriptions found in the manufacturer's catalogue of V8 models. I am assuming that there were no major differences in interior layout other than perhaps the luxuriousness of trim and finish between an "Eight", a "Twelve" and a "Sixteen".

Given the many superficial differences in body design, mentioned above, the casual observer might jump to the hasty conclusion that Fisher and Fleetwood offered hundreds of different body styles on the pre-WW2 Cadillac and La Salle chassis. The fact is, however, that many bodies or more precisely the habitable part of these bodies are really very much the same. They appear outwardly different, as mentioned above, only because of differences in hoods, door configuration, door handles, sills, belt moldings and windshields.

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By "different" styles I mean those with distinctively different external body features. In this respect sedans and imperials count in my book as a single "style" since the division glass between front and rear compartments is not a "visible" difference for the casual observer e. I have counted these as two "different" styles. Fleetwood, PA, vertical, split-"V" windshield style. For a more detailed look at Fisher pre-WW2 styling codes, click here.

For a more detailed look at Fleetwood pre-WW2 styling codes, click here. In fully collapsible models the landau bars are generally anchored below the belt molding, whereas the imitation landau bars are shorter and fit diagonally across the upper, rear quarter panel, above the belt line.

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Post-WW2 Coding Information. In the post-WW2 years Cadillac continued to maintain a logical numbering system to distinguish between one body style and another. From through , for example, bodies were identified with a similar body tag to those used in the thirties and forties. To some extent the post-war identification codes also used a letter suffix to identify a particular mechanical or body feature; for example the letter "L" meant the car was for "livery" operations and probably featured a less luxurious interior finish and sometimes a more formal leather roof covering; the letter "X" meant that the car was equipped with electric or Hydro-Lectric equipment usually power-operated windows and, sometimes, front seat too.

Here is a list of the post-WW2 styling codes I have come across in factory literature:. These digits were introduced in to designate a 4-door sedan of superior finish. It continued in use after WW2, through Following the trend of , Cadillac used these initial digits to identify a new series of V8 models built in and , and from to Following the same trend, Cadillac used these initial digits to identify a new series of V8 models built starting in ; they remained in effect for almost a quarter century up to and including These digits were previously used in and They were used again from to to identify the body styles in the De Ville series.

Included from were the Town Sedan and Eldorado models, in and the Park Avenue and Eldorado , and in only the Eldorado. These digits identified the Eldorado coupe and convertible models in and These digits were first used in and for a limited run of large, roomy sedans and limousines. These same initial digits identified the passenger sedans and limousines of to , although in common parlance and in factory literature they continued to be referred to as the Seventy-Five series or Series These initial digits were used only in code ""; they identified the Cadillac commercial chassis the stretched chassis from to These digits identified the bespoke Eldorado Brougham , passenger sedans of and These digits identified a limited run of Cadillac V8 models in and In and the same digits were used to identify the limited-production Eldorado Brougham.

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These went in from final to initial digits of the Fleetwood coding system. Codes starting with these digits identified the largest of the Cadillac sedans, limousines and other livery vehicles, beginning in These models have been known familiarly as the Seventy-Fives or Series 75 for more than half a century.

These were the initial digits of Cadillac V8 commercial chassis in This was the first part of the identification number used for Cadillac commercial chassis from to These digits identified the Cadillac commercial chassis from to Cadillac began to use a five-digit styling identification code starting in The first three digits identified the basic series [ Calais , DeVille , Fleetwood ] and the last two digits the body type:.

This was used from to to identify the Fleetwood Sixty Special sedan. This was used from onwards for the Fleetwood Sixty Special sedan. These are the initial digits of the 5-digit code used for passenger Fleetwood sedans and limousines from to [and even later Starting in , the Cadillac commercial chassis was identified by code "". As in the pre-WW2 years, the final digits of the early post-WW2 styling codes gave an indication of the basic body style sedan, coupe, convertible, etc.

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Here are those I have encountered in my study of factory literature. Style , was Cadillac's first fastback coupe, built in , and style , a more luxuriously finished fastback coupe also built in , as well as from through Style X ; in post-war production models, the "X" suffix first was used in to distinguish between cars fitted with standard window equipment and those with the new, Hydro-Lectric window lifts. These final digits designated the standard Series 61 4-door sedan series form to This is a pre- and post-WW2 styling code designating a 5-passenger Sedan e.

V style , for Too much fun is more than you can have. Me thinks you are not reading the codes correctly. Thanks i have the first six digits its the last 7 digits i dont have If those 's don't come up Did you get the cops to run the VIN or are you trying to do it on line? Get them to run a national stolen car search. Give them the 's Tim suggested. Don't start giving them body plate 's. As I mentioned before, can the authorities in your state assign a new VIN to the car?

There's lots of ways to handle this situation. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to devote. There may?? Thanks guy's i have already contacted local enforcement and they are checking into it The Cadillac Eldorado pick up found at an auto salvage yard here in Detroit, that police reported as a Cadillac abandoned with the wrong serial numbers They found the serial number and is being checked out as possible stolen Cadillac Eldorado Comstock, and they are searching nationwide for the possible owner.

So i was informed that the car cannot be sold without a vin tag It doesnt sound right to me but the officer i spoke to and the person at the DMV both said they cannot issue a title without a vin tag on the car I know it sounds crazy but i explained if you have the correct serial number then another tag could be issued Now the salvage yard people refuse to talk to me regarding this car and i just have to sit back and wait and see what comes up in their data bank.

This has been a good lesson learned Thanks guy's for all your help. As with the model, a special 3. In , the Seville got a new fuel injection system which brought the horsepower up to Front park lamps were no longer mounted in the fender on any models, and the Seville STS underwent some major changes. These included new side and rear body color fascias which gave the car a sportier, more aggressive look. A driver's side airbag was also added to Seville and STS.

While the engine was the same as used in regular Seville models, the transmission had a special final drive ratio of for better acceleration.

There were no body changes in , but mechanically there was a new 4. The new V8 no longer used the A. The only change to the STS was the removal of the rear bucket seats for a full-width bench, and new front seats with larger side bolsters taken from last years Eldorado Touring Coupe. For , Cadillac delivered a new, European-flavored Seville with positive reviews as well as customers. It also made Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list that year. The addition of the Northstar System , including the Northstar quad-cam valve aluminum V8 and a new unequal-length control arm rear suspension to the STS helped the Seville increase sales.


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The rear suspension previously featured a single transverse leaf spring like the Chevrolet Corvette. The Seville was divided into two sub-models:. In , the Cadillac Catera took over from the Seville as Cadillac's smallest car. All transverse engine front-wheel drive Sevilles were built in Hamtramck, Michigan. The wheelbase was extended to The car looked quite similar to the fourth-generation model, but featured numerous suspension and drivability improvements. The fifth generation Seville was the first Cadillac engineered to be built in both left- and right-hand-drive form; becoming the first modern Cadillac to be officially imported and sold in South Africa along with other right-hand-drive markets such as Japan and the United Kingdom.

In the past, right-hand-drive Cadillacs were built from CKD kits or special conversion kits shipped for local conversion. In addition, this Seville had two lengths: one for US market and one for export market, namely Europe. The export version had thinner bumpers as to bring the overall length under five metres since some countries place higher taxation for passenger cars longer than five metres.

Seville SLS production ended seven months later on December 4, In , only the Seville SLS model was available for purchase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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