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The EG RTC used social media to raise questions about the bond, which town and school officials refuted. And the taxpayer group sent out a mailing that many voters got Saturday urging voters to reject the bond as fiscally unwise. I was confident in the way the bond was constructed. We had Locke Lord, our bond counsel, review the whole bond and they signed off on it. Their approval is the gold standard. This was something that was reviewed by our bond adviser and our bond attorney.

By securing the resources to upgrade our infrastructure, we free up much-needed operating money so we can do what schools are meant to do: invest in our kids. To read more about the bonds, click here. Routine checks showed the license suspension. He was issued a District Court summons and a citation for the stop sign violation. The check bounced and the salon contacted the customer, and the customer reported that she would return to the salon to pay the bill.

The customer never returned and the salon called again. The patron said she would be there to make everything right, but never returned with payment. On Oct. Police called the customer and on Oct.

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The check bounced and the salon was unable to get a hold of the customer. The bartender was alone with the patron at a. He then started to walk behind the bar while trying to undo his pants. She told him no one was allowed behind the bar. The bartender said the man made a comment about having a gun, but moved away from behind the bar. The bartender told the man the place was closing and he had to leave. A short time later the phone rang, and it was the same man. Police found the man, who was staying at a place on Main Street, and gave him the order.

Upon investigation, it turned out to be a towel. Police found one man who appeared to be very intoxicated; EGFD rescue took him to the hospital.

A driver was parked by the deer, blocking it from the roadway. The driver left and police put down the deer. Downed power lines in the area were believed to be the cause of the noise. For the next several hours, police get multiple reports of downed trees and power lines across town. The owner said she would turn over surveillance video when it was available. The men apologized to each other, shook hands and were sent on their way. Police noted marks on her arm. She told police where the man was working at La Masseria.

The man was arrested and taken to EGPD for processing.

He was held overnight and taken to court in the morning. Police requested the man take a standard field sobriety test, which he failed. He was taken into custody and transported to EGPD for processing. Later he was released with a District Court summons to a sober friend. The roofers were told they needed barricades set up in order to continue. The man told police they had been arguing. The woman told police the man wanted to see her phone to check text messages and when she refused to hand over the phone he hit her in the left eye.

Police could see redness and bruising around the eye. The woman declined being taken by rescue to the hospital.

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Police gave her information about domestic violence and took the man to the police station for processing. Police sent the man on his way. Police told the youths to leave the area.

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National Grid was notified. The suspect was given the order and told to have no contact with an alleged victim. During this time frame there were 30 arrests made for DUI, Warrants and more. Arrest Arr. Police checked with the runner, who was OK. Police told the man to file a report with the state Dept. Police visited the residence and found there had been an argument between a mother and daughter.

Police found the woman did not have a permit from the town and she was told to stop. The woman was taken by rescue to the hospital. Police toured the hotel and spoke with the manager but did not find a source for noise. Campus security had searched the room and found numerous items for smoking and preparing marijuana as well as two bags of marijuana buds and some edibles.

One of the students said he had a medical marijuana card from California, which police later verified as valid. Campus security also found some some adderall pills. All the items were confiscated but the marijuana products were later returned to the student; police turned over the information about the adderall pills to detectives for follow up. She said she was in the crosswalk and was bumped by a car.

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She said she did not want to pursue charges, just wanted the incident documented. Police spoke with the guard at the front, who said nothing out of the ordinary had been seen. DOT told police National Grid was liable because the pothole was caused by the work they are doing there installing a new gas line under the roadway. Police contacted Nat. Saskatoon unit seizes motorcycles, vehicles, ATV, personal watercraft as proceeds of crime. A year-old man and a year-old woman are facing charges following a months-long investigation by members of the Guns and Gangs Unit in Saskatoon.

  1. Suspicious Death - 200 Block Avenue V South.
  2. Niagara's Wanted.
  3. sexual offenders in kingwood high school.

At approximately a. Officers believed the van was being used to transport drugs from British Columbia to be sold in Saskatoon and area.

  • UPDATE: Third teen charged in homicide - male youth’s death - Saskatoon | Battlefords News-Optimist.
  • DUI suspect arrested after allegedly dancing on car, trying to leave on scooter in Sparks;
  • Suspicious Death - 200 Block Avenue V South!
  • Three occupants were inside the van, the year-old man, year-old woman and a 1-year old child. Also inside the van, investigators located packages of shatter cannabis extract and 3. A subsequent search of a residence in the block of Nelson Place in Warman located approximately 60 grams of shatter, grams of cannabis marihuana along with drug paraphernalia.

    Investigators also located and seized two motorcycles, two vehicles, an ATV quad and two personal watercrafts as proceeds of crime. The man and woman are facing charges of possession of cannabis for the purpose of distributing it and possession of the proceeds of crime. Saskatoon Police have responded to five vehicle collisions since 6 a. One of those collisions resulted in a man being transported to hospital for non life-threatening injuries. Motorists are asked to drive with caution, reduce speeds and be aware of slippery road conditions.

    Maria Favel was last seen leaving her home in the block of 33rd Street West on Oct. A search of the residence resulted in the seizure of 30 grams of crystal meth, a sawed-off shotgun, a sawed-off 22 rifle, a sawed-off.

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    Charles has been remanded into custody and is scheduled to make his first appearance in Provincial Court in La Ronge on Oct. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Alieha Laplante-McAdam is asked to please contact the Saskatoon Police at An arrest has been made regarding an incident where an online threat was made involving a school in the block of Nelson Road. The youth was arrested at his residence in Dalmeny. He has been charged with uttering threats and mischief. On Sept. An investigation was conducted by the VICE Unit which has resulted in a charge of voyeurism being laid on the man.

    Saskatoon Police are currently investigating a single vehicle collision which occurred at 8th Street and Boychuk Dr. The vehicle hit a meridian and a power pole causing power lines to fall and knock out power in the area of Briarwood and surrounding areas. The roadway from 8th Street to Briarwood road is closed to north and south traffic. City Crews have been notified and are working at restoring power and repairing the traffic lights.

    One male who initially fled the scene has been taken into custody and charges are pending. The male victim came out to confront the unknown male who was looking through the vehicle.