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iOS 13 Find My App: How to Track Your iPhone or Friends

Find My iPhone first launched as a MobileMe service in , and became a free iCloud service in It has been a critical piece of infrastructure to help people locate their lost gear. The ubiquity of these services have made them so popular, so oft-used and reliable, that they have become a mainstay of the Apple ecosystem; a reason to stick with Apple, just like iMessage. On the iCloud. The Apple Watch only has a Find People app.

The Find My app does more than help you find where you may have left your phone or see if your bestie is on the way or not. You can:. Any app that shows you the location of people and your very expensive gear should be architected from the ground up to protect your privacy. Apple does of course get location data for your devices how else would it show you where they are? Apple receives location information only when you actively locate your device, mark it as lost, or enable Send Last Location.

Nobody else, not even Apple, can identify and track your devices this way. And you can share your location for just one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. When you sign into your Apple ID on your device, it automatically enables certain features, including Find My [device]. Open Settings , and then tap on your Apple ID at the top. You can also choose whether to share your location with others, including when making requests of Siri or to trigger location-based automations in the Home app.

Select iCloud on the left, and scroll down through the list of apps using iCloud to make sure that Find My Mac is selected. Sharing your location is simple. In fact, for all functions, the app works essentially the same on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, just with slightly different interface layouts. The iPhone has a bottom bar, the iPad a floating window on a map, and the Mac has a left-side navigation bar. If they have multiple phone numbers or email addresses, be sure to use the one associated with their Apple ID, just as if you were going to send them an iMessage.

To stop sharing your location with someone, tap their name on your People list, and scroll down to select Stop Sharing My Location. Under the Me tab, you can control how your location is shared.

How to Secretly Track Your Friend's Location Using iPhone/iPad

You can choose to stop sharing your location, and if you have multiple iPhones, you can decide which one should be used to represent your location to others. You can toggle the ability to receive friend requests or decide whether you want to receive location updates from everyone, or just those who you have also shared your location with.

Finally, you can label your current location Home, Work, School, Gym, or your own custom label. You can make it emit a loud sound. Select the device from the Devices tab, then tap the Play Sound button.

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If you lose your device, you can use Find My on another one of your Apple devices to mark it as lost. This works on almost any device with a screen so, not AirPods.

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Just tap the device in the Devices tab, and scroll down to the Mark as Lost section. These latest software releases from Apple have been littered with bugs. You use Find My to locate friends, family members, or missing Apple devices.

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Find My is easy to use, with separate tabs for finding People or Devices. Each tab features a familiar map, pinning each person or device in its respective location. You can also select particular people or devices from the list beneath the map for more information. A third tab, titled Me, allows you to view and edit details about your own location.

Choosing how you share it, whether you allow friend requests, and what notifications you want to send or receive. For Macs, Find My is located in your Applications folder. That said, other apps may have shifted around during the update as well, making it hard to find. Widgets are small tools you access from the Home screen to get a quick glimpse at data from different apps. You can use them to check the weather, view your calendar, read the headlines, or do many other tasks.

Many of us used the Find My Friends widget in iOS 12 to quickly see the location of our friends or family members. The best you can do — short of opening the Find My app — is add a Shortcut widget that automatically opens Find My to a particular person or device. Find My looks and works differently to the Find My Friends app. We put together these short instructions to show you how to get up and running with the app: sharing your location and seeing the locations of others.

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  • How to use Find My Friends on iPhone and iPad.

If you want other people to be able to see your location, you need to share your location from within the Find My app. When you first open the Find My app, it prompts you to turn on Location Services and allows you to choose when the app can use your location:. We suggest you Allow While Using App. If you choose to Allow Once, the same prompt reappears every time you open Find My on your device. If you have multiple Apple devices, you can only select one of them to share your location from. For example, if you leave your iPhone behind on a run, your location switches to your Apple Watch. To choose which contacts you want to see the location of, you first need to share your location with them.

Otherwise, you need to invite them to see your location first. What do you find most useful about following the location of your friends and family? Apple designed the Find My app to automatically refresh the locations for both your People and Devices every minute or so…. That should open their card and refresh their location information. He spent two years supervising repairs as a Genius Admin for Apple Retail and uses that knowledge to keep our troubleshooting guides up to date. Long before that, Dan turned to Apple products from a musical background.

Having owned iPods for years, he bought a MacBook to learn sound recording and production. It was using those skills that he gained a first-class Bachelor of Science in Sound Technology. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Google now lets you share your location across iPhone and Android

Learn how your comment data is processed. I am incredibly disappointed in the new Find My app. The widget does not appear on my new IPhone 11 pro. On my IPad, the location data is slow to update, thus useless. Really Apple??!! This is not customer service or quality to retain loyalty. The app was perfect and my whole family could see where each other was.

They are all not planning to update because of what happened with my update! Stupidest thing Apple has ever done! The Find My does not give up to the minute location as the old app did. Trying to see and follow my kids is useless if the only info I get is hrs old. New app is terrible. Why change something that was perfect to begin with. They took out one of the most important features. I realize that I could simply stop sharing my location; however, that only brings about more questions from friends wanting to know where I was.

Could Apple be held accountable for any misfortune that arises from the sudden and unannounced to my knowledge removal of this app. I am no longer feeling secure about the digital platforms. Being pushed into more purchases I suspect is the real motive for these changes. When I activate let me know when my contact arrives or leave a location, that party is notify too.

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Worst app ever! Apple took a perfectly good app and turned it into garbage. On a scale of this app is a ZERO!