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Member FDIC. Welaun chedourperso nalcompu terbanki ngservicewel l bef orethatin 9. Pioneers in pr og re ss. Rick Cronauer, District A, de- cided to run for the magisterial districtjudge seatin District11 01thathas bee n vaca ntsinceWil- liam Amesbury was ele cted to the Lu- zerneCounty Court ofCommonPleasin Tony Thomas Jr. There are 21 cand idates in the five dis tric ts, wit h cont est ed ra cesinallofthemonat le as t on e ticket. When the move to reduce the numberof councilmembersfrom seven to five was made in , the question also included elect- ing the council by regio n.

Norm Davis. Kirkend all Ave - nue. Wife, Bar bar a; son s, Edmund and Ja- son and 4 grand- children. I would like to see im- proved city services — fire , police, public works and code enforcemen t. We should also get back to basics. Th e cor e ofourcitynee dsa fa ce lif t - stree ts paved, sidew alks repair ed, absent ee landlordsheld account able for the condition of their property.

My goal is to bring back family-ori- ented neighborhoods to our city. George Brown. Crescent Avenue.

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Married 38 years to wife, Marianne; 3 children, Dr. Human resources manager for First Quality Nonwov ens, Hazle-. Two incumbents among 21 candidates seeking W-B City Council spot. See W-B, Page14A. All told, a combine d total of names appear on the Re- publican and Democr atic ballots for local and county offices. The election like no other.

See previews of primary races in. Sections A and B. Victims seek compensation from those found guilty of viewing the graphic images. Carol Hepburn. Attorney for victim on Internet.

A NEWS. F ETC. Local Yanks wallop Red Sox. NIKO J. The festival will wrap up today with events from noon to 6 p. The event offers a variety of entertainment and games, as well as food vendors. Two of the annual features are the parade and the Little Miss Cherry Blossom contest.


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The festival began in to celebrate the planting of cherry blossom trees along the bank of the Susquehanna River and has become an annual event in the borough. For a story, see. Page 3A. Page 10A, 11A. The Times Leader strives to correct errors, clarify stories and update them promptly.

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Corrections will appear in this spot. If you have information to help us correct an inaccu- racy or cover an issue more thoroughly, call the newsroom at Jim McCabe — jmccabe timesleader. Main St. Issue No. Since age of vote, have you alwa ys been a regis tere d Repub - lican? Did yousuppo rt Hom e Rul e inthe la stelec ti onand ifyou di d not, why?

What is your education al and busi nes s bac kgr oun d, in- clud ingany his tor y ofpublicser- vice?

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Wha t doyou fee l isthe mos t important issue to be addressed if elected? Do yousuppo rt a cou ntyex- ecutiv e selecti on proc essthat in- cludes a nationwide search? Are you running with any other county council candidate s as part of a ticket, if so who? Lasinski, 58, has been on coun- cil eight years and is employed as the director of operations at a vo- catio nal reh abil ita- tion facility.

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He said hewantsto conti nue to head the borough in the right dir ec- tion. CarlClemm , 81 , hasbeenon the bor oughcounci lfor 24yearsand is ret ired.


He said his vast experi - ence on council is why he should be re-elected. Deal ingwithcon- stan tly risin g cost s and a stag nant tax base are a big challenge and onethathethinksheandthecoun- cil has handl ed wel l. McT ague is reti red and has serv ed Plymo uth as a counc ilman for 22 years. McT aguesaidhe wan tsto bere- ele cted to conti nue the proj ects coun cilis wor kingon,such asrevi- tal izi ng Mai n Str ee t. Keeping an eye on renters and landlords is also a challenge the borough faces and one that McTague said he is going to get toug her on if re-el ecte d.

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Councilheldoffaslongasit could , he said. Mad ra ck, Dix on and Ger ko cou ld not be re ach ed for com- ment. GOM B. Times Leader Correspondent. Police said they arrested Romanchik on DUI charges following a stop for alleged traffic violations at p.

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Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact state police in Hazle- ton at Anyone with information about the accident is asked to contact state police at Hazle- ton at Be assured of my prayers for you and your dear ones, especially during this Easter Season. May the good Lord bless you with wisdom and peace.

Please pray for me. In Christ, Msgr. Pablo A. Saturday morning. Sign up after all Masses this weekend. He will be speaking to us about The Church and the Holy Spirit! Join us at p.

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